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Choosing the Best DVD Player Software

Our society is more mobile than ever, and users often depend on their laptop computers not only for work but for entertainment as well. For example, one of the common uses for laptops is as a portable movie player. However, users often find that pre-installed DVD programs do not offer adequate quality or enough features for their needs. Fortunately, there are third-party options available for any operating system that one can purchase to upgrade their movie experience. There are several factors to evaluate when considering the purchase of additional DVD software.


Third party software typically has much better video display options than pre-installed software. Most users report a noticeable improvement when switching to a third-party option, and the increased availability of HD and BluRay discs make it even more important to find a high-quality player. This is often most obvious during scenes with a lot of motion. Poor quality players will often blur the action, whereas good players maintain a sharp picture. Third-party players also allow custom interlacing setting for different display screens, so the player will display the clearest picture possible whether a user is watching on their laptop or through a television. Other important video features include automatically selecting an image resolution for screen size and on-the-fly adjustments for overly dark or light scenes that are often poorly reproduced on computer screens.


Often a pre-installed DVD player will support only two audio channels rather than the six needed for adequate surround sound. Some third-party software will even support seven or eight channels to more accurately reproduce the audio of a theater environment. Additionally, it's important that DVD software has EQ controls rather than simple settings like “Theater” or “Room.” The individual characteristics of each computer user and listening environment require this additional level of customization.


Control windows for DVD software should be housed in a small window rather than part of the player itself. This allows the controls to fade when not in use. Many third-party software options also include features such as using a mouse to control playback, one-button screen captures, and audience restriction settings to prevent certain DVDs or files to be played without a password to prevent use by children.

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User Communities

The growing popularity of social networking sites like Facebook and MySpace suggest that people want to share more of their lives with their friends, and movie preferences are a key component of modern life. New DVD software packages can integrate with social networking, sometimes as easily as simply pressing a button to “share” a particular movie like or dislike. A few of the more popular packages also maintain their own user groups to facilitate easy communication among movie lovers.

Regional Settings

Sometimes DVDs are coded in such a way as to prevent them from being played in different regions of the world. This is particularly frustrating for travelers who purchase DVDs overseas and find they cannot play them on their computer. Many DVD programs will have options that will bypass this particular problem and allow a user to play a DVD from any region. However, be aware that in some cases this is a legal issue and not just a technical one. Additionally, some DVD drives on computers have their own region protection built into the hardware that the software cannot bypass.

User Support

As with any software, one of the key factors to consider is user support. While there are a host of free players available for download on the Internet, the benefit of dedicated support alone is often worth the price of purchase. Some of the more important options are E-mail support, phone support, and the increasingly popular chat support. This means that a user can contact support and communicate with a tech support assistant using chat software similar to popular desktop messenger applications. This has the added benefit of being in writing, so a user can copy and paste questions and answers in order to save them for future reference.

Choosing The Right Software

Ultimately, the choice of the best software depends on a user's particular needs and budget, but typically the added customization options and compatibility will be well worth the small investment for any user.

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